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Estate Planning

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation occurs when there is a dispute between parties to a trust that requires intervention by the court. This dispute can be between co-trustees or between beneficiaries and trustees regarding the validity of a trust or the trustee’s management of a trust.

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Estate Planning

Probate Litigation

In probate, the court examines and determines how to properly administer the decedent’s estate and distribute the estate’s assets either through a will or intestate succession laws. Sometimes there is a contest or dispute either regarding the validity of a will, competing petitions to administer the estate, or determining who is entitled to a distribution under the estate or will. 

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Estate Planning

Divorce Litigation

If parties cannot reach an agreement during divorce, legal separation proceedings, or in a post dissolution matter, then litigation may be necessary to resolve the issue at hand. Divorce litigation involves resolving contested divorces (dissolutions) and other related issues that arise alongside it such as: custody and parenting time, child support, retirement and more.

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Estate Planning

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse may include the physical, emotional, or financial harm against an adult 65 years or older and can include exploitation and neglect. Often, elder abuse can be inflicted by an individual directly responsible for the care of the elderly person or from family members who may take advantage of a relative’s vulnerabilities. Litigation against the responsible party can be pursued by the victim or a family member with standing seeking relief. If you are aware of or suspect elder abuse, contact Adult Protective Services, but court intervention may also be necessary to get an elder abuse restraining order in place or to go after property or assets  that have been wrongfully taken from the victim.

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Estate Planning

General Civil Litigation

On a case-by-case basis, our office will conduct general civil litigation when necessary. Often these cases are related to a specific family or probate case but require a specific civil remedy.  

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What Our Clients Say

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James M.

She instantly began working on the matter at hand and encouraged any questions with open invitation to contact her. I was fully satisfied. 

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